My name is Helmuts, I am a web designer and photography is a hobby of mine. Several years ago I was running a successful local news website and it was then when I realised that you just can't use any photos taken from internet as they are all protected by copyright laws. Then the next surprise came that most royalty free stock photos actually are not free and do cost money. Yes, it is ok to buy few photos a month, but it will get really pricey when you post up-to 10 posts a day and almost no small internet start-ups can afford that.

And the idea was born to create a website where users can download free photos and graphics for their projects without the need to pay for them nor demands to link back to the author pages.

All the photos, images and graphics found at are licensed under creative commons public domain dedication (CCO). In short it means that you can use them for both personal and commercial projects, they don't require any attribution and you can do with them whatever you want.

All photos were photographed by me Helmuts Meskonis, you can instantly download them without a need of creating an account and I will be adding more and more photos on weekly basis. is my humble investment into the Utopian idea of free internet.

heart in concrete

heart in concrete